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Hi All,

Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing my little world. The ones I wrote in this blog is actually my real experiences, either with the products or with people around me.

If you ask my background, I am a banker during the day. Nah, I am not working in marketing area nor in stock dealing or front-liners. I am more in the IT side. Sounds good, eh :-) ?

After office hours, I get a lot of free time. And, since scent is one of weaknesses, I have become a part time fragrance addict and makeup junkie. I looovee everything about perfumes, body lotions, body creams, soaps, essential oil and fragrance oil. Furthermore, since scent is also part of everybody's life, nature and all its aromatic, airy essences are the ones that are most interesting. This includes smell of ripe mango fruits in front of my neighbor yard, damp earth after the rain, a whiff of full-bloom jasmine bushes. That is the reason I am creating this blog. Can't wait to share with y'all about what I found today.

Oh, btw, please write me an email about anything related to perfumes and Oriflame business. I would love to hear from you. My email address is montimanis@wangiparfum.info. Sometimes the reply is very slow. My humble apology, that means I am doing my role as a scent-demon and hunting whichever aroma available in this world.

with much kisses,

PS: the picture is my real picture, taken in front of mirror using my old Nokia. So, the pict is small and a bit blurred :-).


  1. Hi mbak montie,
    I'm your silent reader loh
    Thanks sharing nya yah, Di tunggu review selanjutnya....

    1. hi umroha, thank you sudah mampir..

  2. hi mba wangi-wangi..
    gue cuma mau bilang gilaaak,,
    gilaa karena gue ngabisin seperempat hari gue buat baca blog anda..

    untuk gue, tulisan lo cerdas,ngepoiin, imajinatif :)
    big thanks &
    keep writing mba montie ^ ^

  3. hi mba montie..
    ga nyangka ada yang gilaakk juga haha,
    suer tulisan mba ga cuma nambah wawasan, tapi bisa bawa amatir kaya gue tau lebih wangi-wangian,
    so big thanks and keep writing :-)

  4. hallo Mba Montie....
    saya senang baca review Mba, soal parfum..sangat menarik dan terasa real....sy juga koleksi beberap parfum...namun tidak bisa mereview....

    ngomong-ngomong, masih punya koleksi GPH 2003 ngga Mba ?
    kalau mau dilepas, saya minat menampungnya.....

    makasih ya Mba

  5. Hallo Mba Montie,

    review Mba soal parfum sangat menarik, lebih real dan jadinya saya terbawa sauasana..heee..heee

    meski sy punya beberapa koleksi parfum, namun tidak bisa mereview...makanya membanca review yang Mba tulis...sangat sangat menarik...

    Oh iyya,,,, Mba masih punya koleksi GPH 2003 ngga ?
    kali-kali aja mau dilepas...atau bertukar koleksi...

    Makasih ya Mba

  6. Helloo Mb Montie

    Mo minta saran nich..,
    Berhubung sy ga pengalaman parfum, kadang jadi bingung mo pilih parfum.
    Sy suka parfum yg ada caramel, vanila, benzoin,amber... pokoknya yg manis manis, creamy dan kayu2an gitu dech, yg ada coconut nya jg oke.
    Saat ini sy lagi demen bngt ma prada candy + Flowerbomb Extreme.
    Mungkin mb ada saran parfum apa yg manis creamy woody yg mungkin bisa sy coba. Saya tertarik dng Hypnose Poison dan Shalimar or Samsara, berdasarkan review di internet, tp belum beli. Mungkin bisa dibantu komen-nya buat percerahan.
    Makacih... xoxo


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