Saturday, January 17, 2009

Perfume Review: Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger

Got a chance to smell Dreaming when it first launched at Grand Indonesia. A friend of mine lazily said,"Nothing new. It smells like Estee Lauder-Pleasure. So, what I must dream of when wearing this?"

I admit, I agree with her.

Dreaming is just another summer/spring fragrance that boasts a scent of clean-sparkling-freesia that does not develop into any other notes. Heated under bright sunlight, surely it will emanates nice-scented-heat. But, freesia! Oh, my! So many fragrance in the market smells like freesia. Is there any bit of creativity shown during the making of the perfume, puhleesss...

However, I like the ad. Do you?

Notes: Peach, Freesia, Tuberose, White Hibiscus, White Woods, Orris.
Date of Creation : 2008
Image : taken from

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